Professional and Helpful

We understand the needs of you as a user, whether you are a novice or administator. With over eighteen years in Information Technology we have the experience that you can trust. Based in South London, on the Surrey/Kent borders, we are uniquely placed to service the London and the Home Counties. With the aid of laptops loaded with virtual machines our representatives can offer personal instruction on an operating system of your choice without you having to worry about causing any damage.

We Compute

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Remember Robbie the Robot from Lost in Space? Well unlike him we do compute. With over ten years experience in GNU/Linux (yes there it is again) you can be assured of our geekiness (is that a word, The Collins Dictionary says it is. In true geek fashion we looked it up to find its meaning: Yikes! A geek can be either a person with an unusual or odd personality ...hmmm... or a carnival performer who does disgusting acts ...Ouch! Or both! ...OUCH!!) So lets forget dictionaries and geekiness and just settle for our enthusiasm for all things IT.


Well that is the end of the facts, we hope you found them interesting. If you would like to see more on this website please let us know.

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