Tommy Flowers BT engineer


Tommy Flowers along with Max Newman built the first electronic computer called Colossus at Betchley Park to help break German cyphers .

woman at desk with large adding machine


Did you know that people were hired to do calculations and math formula before there were PC's? They were called computers.

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Apollo rocket launch

Less is More

The Information Technology NASA used to land a man on the Moon was no more powerful than a pocket calculator today.

woman sitting at 1950's computer

Desktop Support.
It'll blow your mind.....

For those of you who's equipment isn't very portable we can offer you an engineer on-site or by remote connection straight to your desktop for any software issues. For those with newer hardware we can also repair off site at our service centre.

administrator at 1960's computer terminal

System Administration.
So you don't have to.....

We can administer your system and keep it running smoothly and efficiently. You wont even know we are there. We specialise in GNU/Linux but we will look after your Windows too.

man in computer room with large document case open

And lastly, this one.
Computer Training.....

Nothing fancy, no certification or exams but for those of you who think a computer is one step away from quatum physics or maybe you just want to extend your knowledge in IT, whatever your level is we can offer a package to suit your needs.

We offer the same service to the business sector too, helping you to mitigate your helpdesk overheads and free up your IT team. Find out how we can help.